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Enjoy your stay in Auroville.
We take care of your children!

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Timings:  Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

Offer your children an authentic Auroville experience

We offer a beautiful space for your children to enjoy their stay in Auroville with various indoor and outdoor games and activities for different age groups.

For a few hours or long term, we will make sure your children enjoy their stay as much as you do.

We are environmentally conscious and try our very best to offer only organic regional food and as much natural games and materials as possible.

Outdoor activities

Trampoline, cycles, sandpit, climbing wall, hammock and swings, treehouse, small garden house, clay work, arts and crafts with material from nature, swimming pool, gardening tools, small slide

Indoor activities

Toddlers corner with age appropriate games, small shop and kitchenette, arts and crafts corner, lego and playmobil, puzzles and games, reading corner, disguise clothes, prams and dolls

Who are we ?


Samata: joined Auroville 45 years ago and had started Auroville’s very first creche here in Transformation! She has 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

Aurore: Samata’s daughter, born in Auroville. She has 2 children, studied pedagogy in Germany and ran a Kindergarten here in Transformation for 2 years. She has worked as Arts and Crafts teacher in Transition school and currently works in TLC (The Learning Community) school.


Sitara: of German origin, she joined Auroville 16 years ago. She is a professional Kindergarten teacher and has worked in various kindergartens in Auroville. She is the mother of two grown up children. Speaks German and English.

Jiaqi: a newcomer of Chinese origin, is a mother of two adorable children. She is fluent in English, Chinese and German.


How much does it cost ?

We offer a 20% discount for siblings.

If you would like to book extra days, please check our full price list here.

All prices include 18% GST tax.

* A Guest is someone staying in Auroville, is registered and holds an Aurocard.

** A Volunteer is someone registered with the SAVI volunteering program and has a Volunteer card.

*** A Newcomer is someone that has an Entry Visa and/or is registered with the Entry Service to start a Newcomer process.



What does it look like ?

How to find us ?

Transformation Day Care is ideally located in the center of Auroville, near the school area, next to Transformation Guest House.

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