Transformation’s Day Care is open from 8:30 to 12:30 Monday to Friday. If parents pick up late, an extra charge of Rs. 100 will be payable on the same day.

Children cannot be accepted earlier or collected later than their agreed times unless prior agreements have been made. We cannot accept children before their allocated time to maintain child/staff ratios.

Fees are charged in advance for the time booked. Financial service account: 252484 or in cash on the first day. Fees are non-refundable (Facilitators and snacks need to be organized according to bookings).

Prices quoted are per child for a day (8:30am-12:30pm) and include snacks and juices/tea.

An admission and health form is to be filled on the first day of attendance with emergency contact number.

Transformation’s Day Care does not accept any responsibility for accidental injuries or loss of personal property.

It is very important that we keep the records of your child up to date. If any details you originally gave upon registration change throughout the year, please pass them on in writing to the Day Care manager so details can be amended.

If your child becomes unwell whilst at our Day Care, their key facilitator will contact the parent/guardian to collect the child. Unfortunately your child will not be allowed to attend the Day Care if they are suffering from a communicable illness. They cannot return until the infection has been cleared. If your child is not going to be attending then the Day Care manager must be made aware.

Nutritional Food will be provided on a daily basis. We will work with Parents/Guardians to provide suitable food for children who have a special dietary requirement. Parents have a duty of care to notify the Day Care of any medical conditions in writing.

We will occasionally be taking photographs of the children to share with the Parents/Guardians. These photos may be used for promotional material. No links to names will be used, ensuring privacy.